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Navigating Social Situations When You Go Plant Based

You’ve made the leap into the vibrant world of plant based eating. Your fridge is an explosion of leafy greens, your taste buds are dancing with newfound flavors, and you’re feeling like a superhero fueled by lentils and sunshine. But hold on, plant warrior, because next comes the social hurdle... Read More

Create a Simple Plant Based Recipe Binder in a Flash

In the exciting journey towards a plant based lifestyle, maintaining organization is paramount. Picture this – a stack of random recipe papers scattered across your kitchen, making it a challenge to find that one dish you’ve been craving. Have you ever printed the same recipe multiple times in the chaos... Read More

Easy Plant Based Meals You’ll Crave in 15-Minutes

Living plant based doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen or intricate recipes. Sometimes, the most satisfying meals are the simplest, combining readily available ingredients to create quick and delicious dishes. That’s the beauty of our easy plant based meals we like to call “Simple Combination Dinners” – no... Read More

How To Get Enough Protein On A Plant Based Diet

Protein – the name brings forth images of bulging biceps and sizzling steaks. But what if you’re plant-powered? Can you get enough protein without animal products? Fear not, veggie warriors, for the plant kingdom bursts with protein punch! But before we dig into deliciousness, let’s understand why protein matters and... Read More

Jumpstart Your New Year: Veganuary for Beginners (No Kale Required!)

Get ready to ditch the diet blues and embrace a plant-powered January with Veganuary! This month-long adventure isn’t just about ditching meat and dairy; it’s about exploring vibrant flavors, discovering new favorites, and joining a supportive community. So, forget kale chips and boring salads – we’re talking savory MEDITERRANEAN SWEET... Read More