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Hi, I’m Jen! Thanks for Visiting This Guide to get Tips on How to Organize YOUR Plant Based Life.

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We started this journey over 6 years ago because our student-athlete daughter had been relentlessly asking us to try a month of plant based living for quite some time.  I kept pushing her off not because I didn’t want to try it but because I just didn’t know where to start.  Finally, she came home one day and said “What if I do all the research, grocery shop, and cook? Can I get you to try it then?”

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse and all of her efforts led to a lifestyle change that fuels our bodies and lives in a whole new way!  My husband and I feel better overall and with the approval of his doctor, he was actually able to stop cholesterol medicine after being on it for over a decade.  Whatever reason YOU choose – we are glad to have you in our “club.”

Once friends and family heard about our new lifestyle they asked so many questions like “What do you eat?” and “I couldn’t do that because I can’t live without my favorite food.”  After a while of stammering when I was responding to those conversations, I decided to journal the process that we used and the foods we ate.  That is how this guide was born!  Whether you want to go all-in-Plant Based or just add a few PLANT FOCUSED MEALS a week (like Meatless Monday), this guide can help you navigate the way.

Our immediate family of five has a mix of Plant Based and Non-Plant Based eaters in our household and we show you how to navigate that if you are in that case, too.   We also choose to lead a mostly plant based life but do go outside of this for special occasions and holidays.  In addition to some great FOOD CHOICES, we show you how to navigate a personalized unique PLANT BASED ROADMAP, and couple that with some ORGANIZATIONAL STEPS you can take, as well as tips to make YOUR journey successful for YOU.

This website not only helps you plan, organize, and enjoy plant based living but also has an extensive section dedicated to PLANT BASED SWAPS. These are alternatives to your usual foods, like swapping out ground beef for vegan burger options. No brand compensates us in any way, and we personally purchase and try each item to give you honest suggestions. We aim to recommend various options for a particular item, so you have choices based on what’s available at your local grocery stores.

As I mentioned, this information was compiled from researching and living this lifestyle for over six years.  I don’t have any specific medical or nutritional expertise, so as with any diet or lifestyle change, always consult with your physician to make sure it works for you.

I created the guide I wish I had when we started our journey and I hope that you can find it useful in yours.  I’d love to hear from you, whether it is a question, comment, or request for a collaboration, so please reach out!  But most of all, thanks for taking a look and I wish you the best in YOUR Plant Based journey!



Please reach out with any questions or comments.  Thanks for being in touch!

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