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Save Time and Money with Our Free Grocery List Printables

Grocery lists are insanely helpful to keep you as efficient as possible.  With these lists, you always know what items are in need of restocking, which grocery items are needed for a recipe, and what to get from each store, if you shop at more than one.

Your grocery list printables should be easy to use – and tailored to the way you think.  So however you choose to create it, it is worth spending a little time to set it up.  Once it is done it will work for you well into the future (with some minor tweaks here and there), and it’s a surefire way to save you time in the long run!

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General Guidelines for Successful Grocery List Printables

When crafting your ideal grocery list, it’s important to consider various options to tailor it to your unique needs. While we can’t predict every scenario for each individual, we can provide a general guideline that can benefit many. The key is to commit to using your list consistently, and here’s a simple philosophy to get you started:

  1. Consistency is Key: Dedicate yourself to regularly using the list you create.
  2. Start Simple: Begin with a basic list and refine it over time to suit your preferences.
  3. Accessibility Matters: Keep your list within easy reach, such as on your kitchen counter, and jot down items as you think of them.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect: The more you use your list, the more effortless and efficient your shopping experience will become.

By following these principles, you’ll save both time and money while streamlining your shopping routine.

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Identify Your Preferred Grocery Stores

Getting the most out of your grocery list printables begins with a store-centered strategy. First up, identify your nearby stores that have the best selection of plant based groceries to keep your home well stocked. In our PLANT BASED SHOPPING TIPS section, we go deep into the reasoning behind shopping at different stores, but here’s a quick overview for you:

In this sample, we’ve included five different stores, though this might be on the higher side. Remember that you don’t shop at all these stores every week. Typically, you’ll visit each of them once a month or so. It’s also perfectly fine to shop at just one or two stores – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Your list should adapt to your unique shopping habits and preferences.

Here’s the rationale behind each choice:

  1. Superstore Grocery (e.g., Walmart Superstore): Ideal for budget-friendly bulk pantry items, even if it’s a bit farther away.  In addition to its budget-friendly nature, in most cases, you can order online for free pickup at the store or delivered for a minimal fee. And now, we’ve made it even easier to shop at Walmart!  Check out our curated WALMART STOREFRONT for our favorite plant based foods and simple recipe kits.
  2. Local Grocery: Conveniently located nearby, although it may lean toward the pricier side and may not have a large selection of plant based items.
  3. Warehouse Club (e.g., Costco or Sam’s Club): Perfect for bulk item purchases and many main plant based staples.
  4. Boutique or Specialty Store (e.g., Trader Joe’s): Offering unique products and a distinct shopping experience.
  5. High-End Store (e.g., Whole Foods): Known for premium items and a particular selection.
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Determine Your Everyday Essentials

Now that you’ve identified your chosen stores, the next step in preparing your grocery list printables is to compile a list of your frequently purchased items for each store. For each store, jot down the items you routinely purchase, making it easy to circle an item when you run out. Leave blank spaces for the less frequent items, which you can fill in as needed.


  1. Take a look at this SAMPLE GROCERY LIST PRINTABLE and print it out.
  2. Cross off items you won’t regularly use.
  3. Review our STAPLES & ESSENTIALS page to get some ideas of additional items to add to the list.
  4. Make a couple of copies and try it out.  Add & remove items as needed.
  5. Once you feel comfortable, finalize the list in the step below.
Grocery List


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Finalize & Use Your Personalized Grocery List Printables

Once you feel comfortable with the layout of the list and you get used to using it, you can put the final touches to make it personalized just for you.  You can keep it simple and just hand write in your items on our blank grocery list, or take a few minutes to personalize your own with your preferred stores, columns, colors, fonts, and more.


  1. Print this BLANK GROCERY LIST and write in your regularly used items (just like the penciled-in copy above) OR take a few minutes to create a sheet of your own.  This is not hard using Google Docs or Sheets, Word or Excel, or any other application of your choice. It’s actually pretty easy to add a table to a document – usually just click insert > table > then choose the number of rows and columns to add. 
  2. Print the list on a regular 8½x11 sheet of paper OR print on a heavy or colored stock (if easily accessible).
  3. Fold the sheet in half, so that the list is divided into easy chunks.
  4. Place it in a handy location in your kitchen (on the counter or posted on the fridge).
  5. As you use up an item, circle it on the list or add it in a blank spot.
  6. When planning your weekly meals, add the items needed to the list, and before you place a grocery order or go to the store double-check to ensure you get what you need.