Plant Based Roadmap

Define What Your Unique Plant Based Roadmap Will Look Like

Choose Your Plant Based Roadmap in 3 Simple Steps

In the world of plant based living, you’ll encounter numerous choices, such as prioritizing health or convenience, and deciding between flexibility and strict adherence. Long gone are the days when limited options led to exclusion. We present an array of choices to help you craft your unique plant based roadmap according to YOUR preferences, allowing you to embrace the lifestyle that suits you best as you define the journey toward the plant based life that works for you.

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Find the Plant Based Fit That Works For You

Discover the various stages of the plant based roadmap, each tailored to different preferences and needs. Whether you’re taking small steps toward a more plant based diet or fully embracing the vegan lifestyle, there’s a level that suits you. Explore the options and find your ideal path to plant based living.  There is no right or wrong with any of these options and it’s your choice to chart a different path as your life changes.


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Someone who consciously chooses to reduce the intake of animal products and dairy in their lives, they do not regularly eliminate anything from their diet, just eat less of those things.  This would include those who try to follow a “Meatless Monday” plan or eating plant based for breakfast and dinner but a traditional eating style for dinner.

Someone who chooses a plant based lifestyle the majority of the time but will occasionally choose to go off this for a particular occasion or event.  This would include people who revert to a traditional way of eating for a particular holiday(s) or those who eat a varied traditional cuisine when traveling.

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Just as the name implies the “All-In Plant Based” is a typical strict vegan who completely omits all animal products and dairy all the time.  There is little room for flexibility regardless of the situation or circumstance.

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Explore Your Health Objectives

Just because you’re embarking on a plant based journey doesn’t automatically mean it’s all about being healthy. With the vast array of vegan products available today, you’ll find options ranging from nutritious to indulgent treats that may not necessarily be health-focused. And that’s perfectly fine. You can relish a variety of textures and flavors similar to what traditional diets offer.

Even in conventional diets, many choices aren’t inherently healthy. The key is understanding what you’re eating and making mindful selections as you explore our offerings. Most importantly, savor every moment of this culinary adventure! Below, we’ve broken down some tips to help you along the way.

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Being plant based doesn’t automatically equal healthy. We offer some recipes with more indulgent options for quick, 15 to 30-minute meals made with off-the-shelf ‘Plant Based Swaps’ utilizing mock meats, simple pastas, and other rich choices. Enjoy the convenience and taste of these items while understanding they may not make a healthy impact on your body.  Look for our “Indulgent” label.


Strike a balance between health and indulgence in your eating habits. You can do this by preparing a few nutritious, larger meals to serve on multiple nights and choosing indulgent options for busy days or occasional cravings. Alternatively, you can try to choose moderately healthy meals on a more regular basis. Look for our ‘Balanced’ label to designate these fairly healthy meals.


If your primary motivation for transitioning to a plant based diet is to enhance your overall health, we recommend seeking out recipes that feature wholesome ingredients such as legumes, vegetables, and whole grains. While these recipes may require a bit more preparation, their flavors can be incredibly satisfying. Look for our ‘More Healthy’ label to easily identify these nutritious options.

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Plan Your Strategy with our Planning Questionnaire

Take 5 minutes and ask yourself some key questions so you can navigate your plant based roadmap. Then print, highlight, and post a copy of this questionnaire in your PLANT BASED BINDER.

Your plant based journey should be uniquely yours, aligning with your preferences and goals. This ‘Planning Questionnaire’ empowers you to chart your path, whether you’re going all-in, opting for a flexible approach, or simply incorporating more plants. It’s a guide to tailor your transition based on your health objectives, dietary choices, and personal goals, providing a roadmap to make your plant based lifestyle feel just right for you.



Planning Questionnaire