Transition to Plant Based Through Simple Planning Organization & Easy Meals

You're interested in exploring an easy plant based for beginners transition...Now What?

Tired of the misconception that plant based eating is complex? Our website is here to debunk that myth! Through our comprehensive guide, Easy Plant Based For Beginners you’ll learn how to transition smoothly, and we’ll show you just how easy it can be. Discover a world of delicious plant-based food choices, from printable meal plans, to plant based swaps for traditional foods, to quick recipes you can create with pantry staples. With our simple planning and organizational tips for your kitchen, helpful shopping guides, and ways to live and maintain your skills, you’ll be equipped to effortlessly integrate plant based eating into your lifestyle.

This is THE place to start to find ALL of the best organizational and eating tips for a seamless transition to easy plant based for beginners so that you can achieve the life you want. 

You Know the WHY
Transition to Plant Based

Health Benefits
Environmental Impact
Ethical & Animal Welfare
Improved Energy & Vitality
Promote Sustainable Food Systems

We Show You The HOW!

The 4 Keys to a Successful Easy Plant Based for Beginners Transition


Ways to organize and simplify your plant based life

Cauliflower Tacos with Zesty Cabbage Slaw


Simple store-bought plant based food swaps & easy recipes

Shopping Tips to Help Aid and Simplify Your Plant Based Options


Explore affordable plant based shopping strategies

Live A Plant Based Life


Tips to seamlessly live your plant based lifestyle

"What Should I Eat?"

The question first and foremost on everyone’s mind.

To make your transition to easy plant based for beginners (& more) we’ve highlighted three ways to jumpstart and navigate your food choices

Plant Based Swaps Even Conventional Eaters Will Love
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We’ve Compiled PLANT BASED SWAPS for Conventional Foods

For many, the easy plant based for beginners journey starts by embracing familiar tastes, such as opting for delightful plant based alternatives for conventional foods like “beef-less ground” and “chick’n strips.” We’ve compiled our recommended PLANT BASED SWAPS which are easy off-the-shelf foods that you substitute for the conventional foods you are already eating.  You can use these recommendations as a starting point to find great alternatives to foods you eat every day.

Quick BEGINNER PLANT BASED FOODS – Printable Guide Cheat Sheets For Quick & Easy Foods

Designed with simplicity for those wanting to make the switch to easy plant based for beginners, these BEGINNER PLANT BASED FOODS printable guides serve as your go-to resource for diverse and delicious meal ideas. These guides help you transition to plant based on DAY 1, offering plant based meal ideas for every situation.  Need a quick weekday breakfast or lunch? Check.  Want an indulgent meal idea for weekend lunch or breakfast? Check.  Need a grab-and-go plant based appetizer? Check, check, and check and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Weekend Breakfast Beginner Plant Based Foods Printable Guide
Easy Recipes Template
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And a Curated Collection of EASY PLANT BASED RECIPES to Get Started

Finding an easy plant based recipe online is a little more difficult than it sounds. While there are a ton of plant based recipes, not so many are easy.  We understand that most newcomers to the plant based life want simple recipes that feature simple ingredients and simple prep.  Even expert plant based eaters want this, so we curated a small collection of EASY PLANT BASED RECIPES using store-bought ingredients that utilize minimal prep.

Simple Walmart Recipe Page IconBest of all, these recipes link up with our curated WALMART STOREFRONT where you can instantly purchase the ingredients you need for each recipe with a few clicks.  Then choose free pickup at the store or low cost delivery, so you can make these recipes tonight!

But EATING Is Only
HALF The Puzzle

The other half is HOW TO MAKE IT WORK IN YOUR DAILY LIFE and we’ve got you covered there, too!

Organizing and Living YOUR Best Plant Based Life

This is where your easy plant based for beginners transition will really shine.

We help you get over the hurdles that this transition can bring and help you find ways to seamlessly keep it going on even the toughest day.  You don’t have to do everything today or do it in order, just bookmark this page so you always have it handy.

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Discovering simple ways to incorporate effective ORGANIZATION into your daily routine is our focus. We guide you through navigating a unique PLANT BASED ROADMAP, creating a step-by-step PLANT BASED BINDER to store all your recipes and delve into ORGANIZING YOUR REFRIGERATOR, PANTRY, & SPICES, making it easier for you to navigate daily life with simplicity and efficiency.  Utilizing these tools will allow you to make better food choices along the way.

Shop plant based with ease! This one-stop shop section equips you with everything for a smooth plant based journey. Find PLANT BASED SHOPPING STRATEGIES, curated recipe kits and favorite items from OUR WALMART STOREFRONT, and downloadable GROCERY LIST PRINTABLES – all to simplify your plant based shopping, from beginner to expert!

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LIVING a plant-based lifestyle means feeling better, reducing your environmental impact, and treating animals ethically. We bring it all full circle with some practical tips for your everyday journey, handy USEFUL GADGETS to simplify tasks, and the VEGANUARY ANYTIME guide – your 31-day plant based reset plan to keep you motivated.

We Are Just Getting Started
So Check Us Out!

This guide walks you through the transition to make a Plant Based Life possible!  Whether you want to go “all-in” or just incorporate “more plants” into your diet, check out our valuable tips.  We provide you with an abundance of valuable information at your fingertips so you can jumpstart YOUR Plant Based Life!

Hi!  I’m Jen!

I have a passion for organization and for over 5 years, living a mostly plant based life!  When people hear about our lifestyle they ask so many questions, like “How did you start” and “What do you eat?” So I pulled together a guide to unlock all the key steps for success, making your easy plant based for beginners journey smooth and enjoyable.  Thanks for exploring – I hope you find it helpful and I would love to hear from you!


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