Plant Based Dinner Sausage Options

Explore Store-Bought Plant Based Dinner Sausage Options

Why Choose Plant Based Dinner Sausages Options?

Plant based sausages and hot dogs are a tasty alternative to traditional sausages, brats, and dogs.

Plant based dinner sausage options, including plant based hot dogs, offer a delicious and ethical alternative to their traditional counterparts. Crafted from plant based ingredients, they provide the same satisfying flavors and textures while promoting sustainability and animal welfare. Enjoy your favorite dishes guilt-free with these delectable plant based options.

We have compiled a few of our recommended brands as a great way to start your plant based journey.

These are NOT paid sponsorships, just some tried and true options on the market.

Let's Explore Plant Based Dinner Sausage Options

Plant Based Sausage Italian Links & Slices
Plant Based Sausage Bratwurst
Plant Based Hot Dogs

Sausage-Less Italian Links & Slices:

Tofurky Plant-Based Sausage Italian


Plant-Based Italian Sausage

Really really good!ย  Also comes in beer brats and kielbasa.ย  Not extremely pretty but tastes great and is very versatile

Gardein Sliced Italian Saus'ge


Sliced Italian Saus'ge

Has the perfect amount of kick to add flavor to any dish

Sausage-Less Bratwurst:

Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Saus'ge Links - Bratwurst


Ultimate Plant Based Saus'ge Links - Bratwurst

Tasty plant based brat. Add sauerkraut and a good bun and youโ€™ll hardly know the difference

Impossible Bratwurst


Impossible Bratwurst

Tastes great and grills up very nicely, similar to the traditional food

Meat-Less Hot Dogs:

Lightlife Smart Dogs


Smart Dogs

Full disclosure, donโ€™t love the dogs, but if you slow grill and load the toppings, its not bad

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