Veganuary Anytime: Your 30 Day Vegan Kickstart

30 Days to a Plant Powered You with Veganuary!

Veganuary rocks the plant based world in January, but why limit yourself to one month? You can embrace Veganuary anytime with our collection of simple, daily steps. These sustainable swaps seamlessly blend into your routine, fueling your body with vibrant plants and proving that positive change is always in season. Get ready to feel amazing, one delicious bite at a time!

Veganuary Day 1

Check out these SIMPLE IDEAS TO KICKSTART YOUR PLANT BASED JOURNEY. Explore the many easy changes you can make today.

Veganuary Day 2

Recharge and refresh your body with this simple DETOX VEGGIE SOUP chock full of tasty veggies and hearty beans.

Veganuary Day 3

Today is a great day to set your plant based path and define your PLANT BASED ROADMAP. Take a minute to figure out your course.

Veganuary Day 4

Make the simple plant based switch for Breakfast and Lunch a snap with our BEGINNER PLANT BASED FOODS printable guides

Veganuary Day 5

Feeling like you need a pick-me-up?  Whip up a quick batch of CHOCO OAT ENERGY BITES, 10 minutes and no-bake.

Veganuary Day 6

A comprehensive list of all the STAPLES & ESSENTIALS you need to stock your pantry and fridge.

Explore PLANT BASED SHOPPING TIPS. from where to buy your groceries to GROCERY LIST PRINTABLES to make shopping a snap.

Veganuary Day 8

Explore the most popular PLANT BASED SWAPS for conventional foods, from beef to chicken to dairy, this comprehensive list will get you started.

Veganuary Day 9

Nine days into your plant based journey and you deserve a treat!  It is so easy to replace traditional ice cream with creamy  NON-DIARY ICE CREAM.

Veganuary Day 10

Let’s take a closer look at THE question everyone asks:  HOW DO YOU GET ENOUGH PROTEIN ON A PLANT BASED DIET?

Veganuary Day 11

Some plant based recipes can be really complicated!  Check out our small curated selection of EASY PLANT BASED RECIPES that require no special skills or difficult ingredients.

Veganuary Day 12

Nuts play a significant role in plant based snacking, providing high protein and instant satiety. Discover additional ideas in our SNACKS PRINTABLE MEAL GUIDE.

Veganuary Day 13

A bit of organization can make a big difference in staying on track with your plant based lifestyle. Start exploring ways to ORGANIZE your plant based life.

Veganuary Day 14

Yes, you can find store-bought plant based GRAB & GO APPETIZERS at your local market.  Check out the printable meal guide for your next go-to snacks.

Veganuary Day 15

Transition effortlessly to PLANT BASED BEEF SWAPS. They are flavorful, hearty, and satiating. Try several to discover your personal favorite.

Veganuary Day 16

Make life a little easier by planning out your meals with these handy MEAL PLANNING PRINTABLES, saving you time and keeping you on track.

Veganuary Day 17

There are many quick and easy SIMPLE COMBINATION DINNERS that you can prepare in 15-30 minutes with simple ingredients.  Scroll to check out the printable meal guide.

Veganuary Day 18

Take a closer look at the SHORTCUTS you can make within your plant based STAPLES & ESSENTIALS to save you time in the kitchen for every meal.

Veganuary Day 19

Enjoy all the health benefits of a whole foods plant based comforting HEARTY LENTIL SOUP.  You can whip up a crave-able pot in no time at all.

Veganuary Day 20

So many tasty choices to choose from.  These PLANT BASED SWAPS FOR CHICKEN are flavor-filled and texture perfect.  Find your favorite today.

Veganuary Day 21

Simple appetizers you can pick up at the store and heat in your oven for the perfect home-made taste. Check out the printable meal guide for the perfect GRAB & COOK APPETIZER.

Veganuary Day 22

Pressed for time and need a quick meal? Discover PLANT BASED FAST FOOD that checks all the boxes—quick, satisfying, and the plant based work arounds you are looking for.

Veganuary Day 23

Discover some handy tools and USEFUL GADGETS to assist in your plant based food preparation and cooking to make life a little easier.

Veganuary Day 24

Learn how to keep all those plant based recipes that you already love and want to try organized with this easy-to-assemble PLANT BASED BINDER.

Veganuary Day 25

It’s time to explore the question IS PLANT BASE ALWAYS HEALTHY? The answer is clearly NO! Read this brief overview of navigating health on a plant based diet.

Veganuary Day 26

Want an easy protein-packed start to your day? Explore our plant based PROTEIN SHAKE COMBINATIONS for your morning breakfast or post-workout snack.

Veganuary Day 27

Explore off-the-shelf plant based pizza options or try a simple recipe for your own PLANT POWERED PIZZA. No need to sacrifice this staple for a plant based lifestyle.

Veganuary Day 28

Explore this step-by-step guide to efficiently ORGANIZE YOUR PANTRY for a plant based lifestyle to help make life a little easier every day.

Veganuary Day 29

ORGANIZE YOUR REFRIGERATOR for a plant based lifestyle to maximize your efficiency and aid in keeping all your fruits and vegetables fresh.

Veganuary Day 30

Keep your momentum going and watch these MUST SEE POWERFUL PLANT BASED DOCUMENTARIES.  They will inspire and motivate you to continue your journey.

Veganuary Day 31

DAY 31: Congratulations on completing 30 days of Veganuary!

Take a minute to celebrate your accomplishments and look back at all that you have done. Whether the journey went smoothly or encountered challenges, remember, it’s your personal path, so give yourself a break and keep moving forward. As you move on to your next stage in a plant based lifestyle, you might be interested in exploring the various LEVELS OF THE PLANT BASED EATING SPECTRUM to find the right fit for you.  Congratulations again on moving toward a more plant based life!