Easy Plant Based Basics

Plant Based Basics: Elevating Your Cooking Foundation

In the realm of plant based cuisine, the foundation is built on simple yet essential elements. Explore the world of plant based basics, where staples like homemade parmesan, versatile dressings, and flavor-packed marinades take center stage. These fundamental components are the building blocks of countless plant based recipes. In this guide, we’ll explore these easy basics, ensuring your culinary creations are infused with deliciousness and wholesome goodness. From enhancing the flavor of your salads to elevating the taste of your main dishes, plant based basics are the secret to plant-powered success.

Between our recipe for plant based parm and our printable meal guides, let’s look at a few ways to make your plant based kitchen flourish with creativity and flavor…

Vegan Parmesan
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Simple Vegan Gravy
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