Plant Based Fish Options

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Why Choose Plant Based Fish Options?

From saving our oceans to boosting your health, here’s why these fish-less alternatives are making waves!

Choosing plant based fish options offers a multitude of advantages. To start, it’s an eco-friendly decision that helps protect marine ecosystems by curbing overfishing and bycatch issues. Moreover, plant based fish options typically contain fewer harmful substances like mercury and microplastics, often found in real fish. Ethically, it’s a compassionate choice, addressing concerns about animal welfare. Additionally, choosing plant based fish aids in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions linked to conventional fishing and fish farming, contributing to a more sustainable planet.

We have compiled a few of our recommended brands as a great way to start your plant based journey.

These are NOT paid sponsorships, just some tried and true options on the market.

Let's Explore Plant Based Fish Options

Plant Based Fish Filet
Crab-Less Cakes
Assorted Plant Based Fish Options

Fish-Less Filets:

Trader Joe's Plant Based Fish Fillets

Trader Joe's

Battered Plant-Based Fish Fillets

Very good! Made with king oyster mushrooms and jackfruit.  Gluten free, too

Gardein F'sh Filets


F'sh Filets

Great in a bun or as a main dish.  Make a quick easy tarter with vegan Mayo and a splash of pickle relish

Crab-Less Cakes:

Gardein Mini C'rb Cakes


Mini C'rb Cakes

Very good as an appetizer or in a taco

Good Catch Plant Based Crab Cakes

Good Catch

Plant Based Crab Cakes - New England Style

This is very tasty, served with a quick tarter/mayo relish really hits the spot

Assorted Fish-Less Options:

Konscious Plant Based Tuna Avocado Roll


Plant Based Tuna Avocado Roll

This vegan sushi is surprisingly close to traditional sushi. They come in an assortment of varieties and we highly recommend them

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