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Our Walmart Storefront is a Helpful Resource For Plant Based Shopping

It's No Secret! We love Walmart and Our Walmart Storefront

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We’re excited to share that Organizing A Plant-Based Life has been selected as a Walmart Creator. We’ve teamed up with them to curate OUR WALMART STOREFRONT featuring our favorite plant based items, everyday essentials, and handy recipe kits for easy ordering.

With over 3500 Walmart Supercenters nationwide, finding one nearby is usually easy. They carry a wide range of food items (including plant based and organic), their own ‘Great Value’ brand, and are steadily expanding their selection of vegan products. Plus, Walmart is definitely known for offering reasonable prices.

How our Storefont Helps YOU…we have narrowed down a wide variety of foods to choices that are truly plant based and only those that have passed a reasonable taste test.


  • Wide selection of plant based AND organic items
  • Always affordable prices
  • Convenient and FREE order pick-up for orders over $35
  • Low cost Walmart+ express delivery
  • Specially curated items to weed out the ones that don’t fit a plant based lifestyle
  • KITS that contain all ingredients for our recipes – and only order what you need (unlike other meal kits)
  • Ability to order grocery and household items together to save you time

Sounds great, but what’s the catch? There is no catch! But you should know this storefront is an affiliate partnership and as such I may earn a small commission to feature these items.  But please know 2 things: I will never-ever recommend something I don’t truly believe in and you never pay a penny more for any of these items.  One final thing, I don’t have any paid partnerships with individual products so I can keep my objectivity – plant based foods can vary a lot and I won’t give my “yay” to a product when I really think it’s a “nay.”  As a frugal consumer myself, these are important to me, so I know they are important to you.

 PLEASE REACH OUT with any questions on this Walmart Storefront or anything else, I’d love to hear from you.

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